This is 5 Lines Pottery

"Happiness is when two pieces compliment each other. Like most every successful relationship in this world."


My name is Becca I am the #superpotlady.... No not that kind of pot! I started this pottery journey in late 2014 and am loving every minute of it! I have, through the grace of God, been able to do this full time and sincerely love most every minute of it. I have gone through my struggles in the past year but have learned so much from it. I have been at ultimate highs, like having my mugs sold at the Starbucks Roastery in Seattle, and extreme lows, like having all of my pots break at the mercy of high winds in Leavenworth, WA. I can hustle with the best of them and am definitely not afraid of failure. I aim to create a product that is useful everyday. Something that is coveted, but is not too much to replace if that plate falls in the sink and breaks (because we all know that happens!). It is important to me to make pottery normal again, make it so it is a necessity to us instead of a luxury. I believe pottery is on the rise again and what better way to support local artists then to buy it from the source. 

Why 5 Lines?

People ask me all the time, "What made you choose the name '5 Lines Pottery?'"

The answer is actually rather simple: when I was in college, I made this really, really awesome cup. Trimming has never been my favorite part of the process and I rarely did it very well, so when I managed to do it nicely this time, I was determined to keep it looking good. Since I still had to mark it somehow to identify it as mine and I really didn't want to mess up the nice trim job, I simply put 5 small, even lines on the rim because there are 5 letters in my name. The tradition continued from then on mostly because I was lazy and 5 lines was easy. Thus, the name was born!

Are these durable enough for my kids and me to use them?

The short answer is yes! My pottery is absolutely durable enough for everyday use, in fact! I want you to use them everyday, after all, I do! Every piece is dishwasher and microwave safe. Disclaimer•••• If your child throws one of my cups across the room or smashes it down on the floor, please don't expect the pottery to have superpowers. It is likely to break... but lucky for you! I can make you a new one! :)