Pinch Pots (made to order)

Pinch Pots (made to order)


'A pinch of this, A pinch of that!'

Great for Jewelry, Salt, Herbs, Food Prep, Sauces... the uses are endless

These little bowls are perfect for everything small! Ranging from 1.5in-3in they come in various shapes and sizes. I will choose which ones you will get, but don't worry! I have impeccable taste! If 3 or more are ordered, assume they will be able to be stacked together. If you would like similar sizes that do not stack as well please contact me. 

Everything is made to order. (unless I have it in stock!) Expect items to be ready in 2-3 weeks if not in stock. 

Everything is Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven SAFE

If shipping is calculated more than actual shipping costs, I will reimburse costs. Please contact me if you feel the cost is outrageous, these systems are automated and can sometimes goof a little bit. 

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