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Kickstart to High Production! 

Help Becca be environmentally friendly!

Welcome to an artist's version of her own KickStarter! As someone who is not a huge fan of giving money to large companies, I have decided to start my own KickStarter of sorts on my website, instead of theirs! That means that all the money goes to me and a credit card processing company! (only 3%) I have set this up pretty much exactly like a KickStarter would be set up. I have certain items that if you donate a set amount you will receive those items! There are a lot of goodies and a good way to customize it to the color that you would like.Listed below are the donations opportunities, with the appropriate gifts. I am so close to completing my studio with everything that it needs to be a high production clay studio. Just a little more of a push and I am there!  The goal is $7000 by August 31 and everything shipped out by the end of October. I will be making and shipping things as the donations come in, so the latest date to get your items is the end of October. 

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The Pots

5 Lines Pottery is beautiful functional pottery that is meant to be for every day use. They are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe and pretty dang durable. Handmade in Washington state, this pottery is also designed to be affordable to the average human... not just the people that can spend $40 on a mug. I am proud of the fact that normal people can afford this pottery and it will stay that way as long as I am normal...which hopefully is a long time! 


The Goal! Peter Pugger/Mixer + some other very important tools

This machine intakes clay, wet or dry, and mixes it up and then pushes it out of the snout looking thing as perfectly lovely workable clay. It is an essential tool for someone in high production and a huge time saver! you can look at the specs of the machine here at their website.

Who is 5 Lines Pottery!?

My name is Becca Otis and I am what is known as 5 Lines Pottery. I have been throwing pots for about 8 years ever since I may have lied to a professor in college and told her I knew how to throw to get a credit. It was very apparent from day one that this may just be what God put me on the earth to do. I started throwing professionally after Starbucks contracted me to do about 300 items for their new roastery in Seattle as a featured artist. After that call, I felt like maybe I could hack it in the real world as just a potter and nothing else. So in 2014 I quit my job and became a full time potter. I have been potting ever since, there have been hard times and there have been great times, God definitely is the only one who knows how I have survived these past two years, but I am continuously reminded of how blessed I am to have the supportive customers, family, and friends that cheer me on each day. 


$7000 is needed (I know.... good Lord this 'Hobby' is expensive!)