So Tired, I have to write about it.

So Here is the thing, I own a business, I am wicked tired, and I am pretty much broke. Do I like my life? Not all the time, would I trade it for another one? I don't think I would. I actually do like what I do, but being a single woman who owns her own business is hard. It kinda sucks most of the time and I need to find the nuggets that make it worth it. And on top of all of that, I make an item that is sold for cheap but requires an immense amount of labor. So either I am absolutely doing it wrong, or in a couple years everything will line up and my life will be golden...

I have very few examples of pure success of a business owner, and by that I mean that they don't work their ever loving ass off to make just a tiny bit of money. They delegate and have money to spare and enjoy their life. You do not need a lot of money by any means, but there has to be a reward to owning your own business and I do not care what anyone says, just because you are your own boss does not mean that you have a better life. 

So this brings me to why I am starting this blog. 1. I actually really love to write and feel like I need a release at the end of the day. 2. I feel like there is some stigma that even though we own our own business our life is basically better than any of the other population. No one talks about the struggles and how great the reward is when it actually does come. There is reward but that is maybe 20% of the time and I feel like there needs to be some realism in the world a little bit about business. Hey maybe I am doing all this shit wrong, but I doubt it. I work hard and I work more, but when there is a reward its pretty awesome. I closed my doors to my shop today because I am burned out and I can just do that, I won't make any money, but I can do it. So If you own a business, and your frustrated that other businesses far away are succeeding and you feel like your in a rut... Read this blog, because I guarantee it will make you feel better about yourself.f