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Paint a Pot

Tues 11-5 ---- Wed 11-5 ---- Thurs 11-5 ---- Fri 11-5 ---- Sat 11-5

No appointment necessary! Bring your child or friends to come paint a pot! These are all handmade by 5 Lines Pottery! There will be a selection of items individually priced for purchase, prices range from $6-31 for standard items, there is a $5 studio fee per painter. All children must be accompanied by adults. Walk in's welcome during specified times listed above.. 


Contact me for Purchase of Gift Cards! Please email me at 5linespottery@gmail.com with the amount you would like to purchase, your address and your email! 

A Note to the Parents

5 Lines Pottery Studio is opening up it's doors to kids because we know kids love pottery and their parents love kid painted items.

Note that Becca who owns 5 Lines Pottery, even though is great with kids, is not per se a "kid person" so all children will need to be accompanied with an adult. if your child is left alone with Becca, she will feed them sugar, let them loose and anything that is broken will result in a fabulous bonus for Becca also resulting in your pocket book thinning out. 




yes I said it.... Parties. 

After much deliberation and a few panic attacks (not really, but kinda) I have decided that it would be ok to have birthday parties at the studio! Below are the costs and guidelines. 

  • Cost is $50 an hour (not during regular business hours) +the cost of each item.

    • All of the glaze, brushes, and firing costs are included in this price. Items will be ready no less than 10 days after the time of painting.

    • My items range from $6-30ish Mugs are generally around $20 and bowls are about $12-16 depending on size. Note that I make everything in the studio so everything is handmade and one of a kind!

    • Due to clay being EVERYWHERE in the studio it should be made aware that while food is fine, the likelihood of clay entering your food is pretty much 100%.

    • Adults that are not painting pottery do not have to pay the studio fee.

    • The maximum size a party can be is 18


  • Ages 8+ (turning 8 is fine)

    • If you have a mature child that is turning 6, I will still say no. Even if they act like a 20 year old. Even if they know calculus and so do all of their friends, the answer is still no. 

    • I expect you as a parent to be a parent, I am totally all about having a great time, but please bring a good ratio of adults to children. 

    • 5 Lines Studio is a shared studio and there are a lot of items that students have been working very hard on, it is very important to me that the students items remain in tact. 


  • Please call to make a reservation! 360-805-6585 Limited spots available! 

    • Times available for birthday parties are Saturdays 5-7pm and Sundays 11-8pm

    • Items will be available for pick up no more than 10 days after party.