The Glaze and Sip

Glaze and Sip is a concept that came from the idea of the Paint and Sip. I was seeing all of these parties that looked like so much fun, but I am not necessarily a painter, I am a potter. On top of that, A lot of my friends always ask me if they can come over and make pottery. This is a way to compromise with that. To Glaze and Sip is when I (Becca Otis) come to your house with pottery in hand for you and your friends to glaze for their very own! You (the Hostess) provides the house, the friends, and the alcohol/food.

         ---I would recommend potluck style with the food and wine ;)--- 

If you are reading this you are: 

1) Interested in hosting a party yourself

in this case, please contact me in the contact option right below here and we can discuss dates and times

2) Have a party you would like to attend

Please scroll down and find your hostess. All parties are payed in advance so there is a headcount, that way I can bring the appropriate amount of items. 

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How does it work?--- Just like a paint and sip, I come in and teach a class on a specific mug/pottery item and we drink wine and be merry! the only difference is that at the end of the day, your finished piece will go home with me, and I will put a clear glaze on it and fire it. Once your piece is done, it will be delivered back to your hostess and you can retrieve your finished piece there about 1-2 weeks later. 

Is there a minimum amount of people?--- Yes, The minimum party size is 8. In order to make it worthwhile for me to come to your house, there must be 8 people glazing mugs. 

What if I live outside of Snohomish county?--- Depending on where you live, There will be a travel charge tacked on to your package price. It won't be much, just enough to pay for my gas. 

What if I want to glaze two mugs to make a pair?--- I will have extra mugs in my bag for purchase at the party if people want to glaze two mugs or would like to dabble on other small items. 

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